How your New Year’s hangover will prove NFTs are an absolute powerhouse about to explode.

  • 2nd highest monthly sales (December 2021) ever on Open Sea — $3.25bn
  • Highest daily volume for 3 months on Open Sea — $161m
  • The highest number of active traders ever on Open Sea — 362,679
  • Artists can plan production schedule and marketing strategies in real-time
  • Investors can assess in real-time the optimal time to deploy capital — if the market is trending back to earlier levels of buoyancy
  • This was data from the precious metals market — where (according to Bloomberg) more than $920m of fines were handed down to JP Morgan to resolve US authorities’ claims of market manipulation
  • This was economic data from an economy… where Central banks and governments can adjust monetary and fiscal policy in real time
  • this was data from the sales of Indigenous art globally where ownership could be identified and fair and equitable royalties automatically attributed and distributed to the original creators of the art, often living from day to day (the core thesis our project Walking Between Worlds)
  • to expose corruption;
  • to provide insights to manage companies & economies and
  • to empower those that have been disenfranchised .
Tim Lea, CEO of Walking Between Worlds



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Tim Lea

Tim Lea


International Keynote Speaker | Author of Blockchain Book Down The Rabbit Hole | Chief Cryptocurrency Officer — Walking Between Worlds (#Indigenousart)